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Published Works

Martha Graham’s Cold War: The Dance of American Diplomacy, Oxford University Press 2020 ,  Accepted by the “Studies of the Harriman Institute” book series.

"Politics and Silenced Power of Eleanor Dulles: ‘Good Old Girl’ and ‘Great Woman’ History: From New Deal ‘Left’ to Cold War ‘Right’"

UC Berkeley, Center for Right-Wing Studies Working Papers (April, 2019)

“Red Carnations,” American Communist History, (February, 2018): 1-3.

“Reflections of a Neo-Liberal: An Interview with John Haynes,” American Communist History (13.2-3, 2014): 85-152.

The Routledge Dictionary of American Modernism, Entries on The New Dance Group and Jane Dudley.

“Homeowner’s Nation: The International Financial Collapses of the 21st Century,” The CLIO History of Recessions and Depressions.

“Martha Graham’s Gilded Cage: The Construction of Blood Memory, An Autobiography,” Dance Research Journal, 45.2 (Aug. 2013): 63-84.

“Cold War Cultural Attaché: The International Career of Francis Mason,” Ballet Review (Summer, 2011).

“Collaboration Among Icons: The New York City Dance Theatre, 1949,” Ballet Review (Winter, 2011).

“All Fall Down: New Dance Group and Capitalism as the ‘Highest Stage’ of Communism, 1932-2009,” American Communist History 9.2 (2010).

“Dancing Diplomacy: Martha Graham, the State Department, and Cold War Cultural Exchange in Asia,” Dance Chronicle, 11.4 (2010): 1-35.

Review, “A Game For Dancers,” Dance Research Journal, 41.2 (Winter 2009): 116-119.

Performing Communism in the American Dance: Culture, Politics, and the New Dance Group,American Communist History, 7.1 (2008).

Dance is a Weapon. Pantin, France: Centre National de La Danse, 2008.

“Ethel Winter - Biography,” Ethel Winter and Her Choreography, ed. Karin Hermes, New York: BoD, 2007.

Women in American History: An Encyclopedia (Chelsea House Publishers: Facts on File), Entries on Löie Fuller, Martha Graham and the New Dance Group.

The Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd ed. (New York: Oxford University Press), Entry on the New Dance Group.

“An MBA Runs the Gauntlet,“ New York Times Magazine: The Business World, 12 June 1988.

“So it Goes“ (27 July 1987), “My Summer in Tokyo“ (21 September 1987), “No Dice“ (14 October 1989), Grant's Interest Rate Observer.                   

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